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FactoryLink V8

Client Connections

Siemens FactoryLink 8.0 delivers the new high performance interface between the FactoryLink Server and graphical client stations.  Based on standard TCP/IP sockets, this pathway provides the fastest, most reliable data for plant-wide visualization.  Customers who struggled with the complex security requirements of DCOM when deploying FactoryLink clients will find version 8.0 to be easy with improved performance.

Direct connection between the server and client allows users to use the same technique as they did with the 7.x server with shared drive letters.  This connection type is used for remote development of client projects.

Server connections allow clients to connect via TCP/IP socket interface and cache the files locally on the client hard disk to quickly display previously viewed files.  Any updates to the original files on the server are re-cached to the client when viewed the next time by the client.

Redundancy features now include the ability to connect to the primary server (the one communicating with the PLC in most cases).  Client Builder still supports direct OPC connectivity for backward compatibility or for the creation of data connections directly to a 3rd-party OPC server.




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